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Cabrini Health Clinic Information



Our purpose is to promote good health for the students, by providing each student with access to mental and physical health services.  We believe that students will benefit by increasing attendance and participation in school related activities.

Hours of Operation:  Tuesday through Friday            7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m


The School Based Health Center offers basic medical services at no cost to parents.

These services include:

Routine Physical Examinations including KID-MED


Treatment of Minor Illnesses and Injuries

Administration of Daily Medication

Health Screenings

Counseling Services

Classroom Presentations


CHRISTUS Health in conjunction with the Louisiana Office of Public Health provide for a staff consisting of:

Chesley Floyd, Registered Nurse…..Full Time

Toby Robinson, Licensed Professional Counselor…..Full Time

Cece Ducote, Secretary…..Full Time

Jenny Marchand, NP…..Twice a Week (Tues/Thurs)


Eligibility for services:

  • Must have signed Health Center consent for 2019-2020 on file.
  • Must have a Health Center pass or a note signed by their teacher. These procedures are necessary in order to track students across the campus.

Services Offered:

  • Routine physical exams and sports physicals
  • Immunizations
  • Treatment of Minor Illnesses and Injuries. Note: Please do not send students for non-emergency needs unless you feel that it directly affects their ability to participate in class.

     Examples:  mosquito/ant bites, hunger, sleepiness, paper cuts,

                          warts, dry skin, hang-nails, etc.

  • Chronic Illnesses…..Sometimes a student will have a chronic condition such as diabetes, or asthma and needs to receive medical attention right away.   Please allow such students to come to the center without delay. Any delay could be very serious.
  • Emergencies will be seen at any time.  Please send injuries to the center as soon as possible.  Any student who presents to you with bleeding, difficulty breathing or chest pain should be considered an emergency.  If the nurse is needed outside of the center, please provide info such as what type of emergency it is in order to bring the appropriate equipment/supplies to the scene. Sometimes it takes a while to get there because we may have students in the center and we can’t leave them alone, we have equipment we have to bring and sometimes the emergency is across campus or upstairs.  We try to get there as fast as we can.
  • Administration of Daily Medication.  Only the medical staff or the school board designees are allowed to give daily medication to students.  According to the Avoyelles Parish School Board Handbook, no student is allowed to bring medication of any kind to school.  The Health center must have a doctor’s order and parent permission form brought in by a parent along with the medication with a prescription on it before any medication will be given at school.
  • We are not allowed to treat or give medication to school staff because we do not have adult protocols in place and all of our meds are purchased with OPH dollars that are specifically designated for students.  We are employed by Cabrini Hospital and OPH therefore we must comply with their guidelines.  We will try to provide a Health Fair for the staff one time a year.
  • Counseling Services. The Licensed Professional Counselor will provide services to students in individual and/or group sessions. Mental Health Counseling can be provided for students with difficulties and/or issues in dealing with grief, anger, depression, stress, behavior, etc.

Anyone may refer a student to the counselor as needed (see referral form in binder).  ALL counseling information is confidential and cannot be shared without written consent form parent/guardian.

Classroom Presentations and Assemblies. The nurse and counselor are required to provide health education in the classroom or to large groups throughout the year. Please contact us to request these services. Topics may include but are not limited to: personal hygiene, social skills, stress management, bullying prevention, crisis intervention, drug abuse awareness, career development, teen issues such as STDs and self-esteem, etc.  
The school nurse or trained school employee shall have the authority to administer auto-injectable epinephrine, as defined elsewhere in policy, to a student who the school nurse or trained school employee believes is having an anaphylactic reaction, whether or not the student has a prescription for epinephrine.  At least one employee at each school shall receive training from a registered nurse or licensed medical physician in the administration of epinephrine.